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5 June, 2017

How to Find Cell Phones to Sell

Do you want to make money selling cell phones? If so, you need to buy stock. Whether you are interested in selling locally, online, or both, you need to have products to sell. These products should include mobile phones and accessories, but how do you find them?

Wholesale suppliers. If you want to buy and resell new mobile phones, your best option is to do business with a wholesale supplier. There are those that specialize solely in mobile phone and accessories. They are your best option. You can find these suppliers online with a standard internet search. When buying products wholesale, which is in large quantities, you should receive a significant discount. This discount enables you to resell the phones for a profit.

When researching mobile phone wholesalers online, you will find many companies. Do not choose the first one you come across. Instead, examine all of your options. You want in demand sellable phones, but also those sold at a discounted price. The more the discount, the bigger your profits.

Online message boards. Internet forums, also known as online message boards, are a hit or miss approach, but they can help you find cell phones. This is a good way to find used cell phones. When consumers upgrade their phones, they keep their old. Many are afraid to simply just throw them in the garbage. At some point in time, these individuals may list their mobile phones for sale or for free online. Some online communities have buy, sell, and trade sections. Examine these to see if you can find any used or like-new phones available for sale.

eBay. eBay, as you should already know, is an online marketplace. It is not just any online marketplace, but the most popular one on the internet. Many people are turning to eBay to make money. Internet users are listing new and used mobile phones and accessories for sale. You are likely to find the best prices on used cell phones. Still, many sellers are uninformed about the value of their phones. They may list a new phone for a cheap price. You want to target these auctions. Yes, the seller may make $10 on the sale, but you know you can make $25 by reselling it again.

Craigslist. Craigslist.org is a website that has skyrocketed in popularity. It is a free online classified website. People find it easier to sell their things, including mobile phones. It is much easier and cheaper to use this classified website than hosting a yard sale or listing items for sale on eBay. The website is setup so that you find your closest city and examine the listings. You can search for mobile phones for sale. You can also examine other city listings. You may, however, need to pay for delivery if a sale is made. What is nice about Craigslist is that you can also place a want ad asking for mobile phones.

Retail stores. Your best chance of making money with new cell phones is to purchase them wholesale. If you only want to buy and resell phones on a part-time basis, check out your local stores. Look for good sales or discounts, such as buy one, get one free, and so forth. Phones that are discounted in price for a limited time only are easy to resell for a profit.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to buy mobile phones and accessories to resell. Since your goal is to make a profit, don’t overpay. Always know the value of a phone before buying it to resell.


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