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25 May, 2017

Make Your Phone Secure

In this day and age, so much information is stored on our phones. It’s all neatly organized so that we can pull it up with ease. But what if the person trying to get the information is intent on doing harmful things? What if your phone was lost or stolen? Not only are you without a phone but all your info could be floating out there somewhere!

Here are my top 3 reasons to put a lock on your phone!


If you are doing any sort of banking on your phone then you absolutely have to have your phone locked. If you have copies of bank statements and access to your accounts via your phone then lock it up. If your phone was lost or stolen this would be a treasure trove for a thief. Getting into your accounts would be a breeze for anyone who left their phone unlocked.

Photos and videos.

Maybe you are a famous celebrity and everyone is trying to get a hold of certain lewd photos you have of yourself. Or maybe, more commonly, if someone stole your phone you wouldn’t want them thumbing through your family photos and videos. This could identify where you live and much more information about you. Creepy! Lock it up!


A lot of people lose their phones and then have the realization that oh shoot my email is synced to my phone. This would allow the thief access to your private documents. This could end up being worse than banking. Contact information is the location exactly where resting accounts are generally routed through. So if you contacted your bank online and said hey I don’t remember my pin, can you email it to me? the bank probably would. But having access to the email would also allow the thief access! Don’t let people search emails for personal identity information. Lock it up!
I will be posting an article about how to wipe your phone remotely soon and I will put a link here to connect you to it!

I hope these have encouraged you to make sure to lock that phone! Keeping information secure these days is essential. If you have any questions about the basics of keeping a phone secure please leave a comment below. And as always thanks for swinging by!

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