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1 June, 2017

Text Message Subscription Service

Do you want to make a profit from the popularity of cell phones and text messages? If so, start your own text message subscription service.

What is a text message subscription service? These services come in a number of different formats. The gist is you send text messages to mobile phones for a predetermined fee. This fee can be a monthly subscription charge, a flat fee for each text message, or a combination of the two.

Starting a text message subscription service is a relatively easy process. It does not have to be an elaborate operation. You need to have a phone that can send text messages and your customers need the same. Speaking of your customers, you can easily find them online. Create a sales page, advertise on classified websites, message boards, and with article directories. Each time someone signs up for your service, you make money.

Text message services are popular.

In most cases, your targeted market will be teenagers, but adults subscribe to these services too. A good marketing plan and affordable payment package will generate interest and lead to sales, but consider your topic. You need to offer text messages on interesting and popular subjects. Of course, you can send text messages on just about anything under the sun, but continue reading on for a few examples.


Jokes are always a popular topic for a text message subscription service. People love telling jokes. Fortunately for you, some people aren’t good at joke telling, so they turn to someone who is. You can send adult jokes, blonde jokes, marriage jokes, riddles, and much more.

Inspirational messages.

With the current state of today’s economy, many people are stressed. People are worried about losing their jobs, their homes, and having enough money to buy food. Even still, many of these individuals use their cell phones and subscribe to text message services. By offering inspirational messages for an affordable fee, you can develop quite the client base.

Bible verses.

Unless you attend church on a weekly basis or are religious yourself, you may not understand the moneymaking potential that is here. As with inspirational messages, many find bible verses to be uplifting. Every now and then, followers need to be reminded of their faith and commitment. Help them do so with bible verses delivered right to their mobile phones.

Relationship advice.

When it comes to relationship advice, you have a number of different options. You can send text messages with generalized relationship advice, such as how to talk to a guy at school. Or, you can respond to messages received. Allow subscribers to text you with a relationship question or submit a question through your website. You respond with advice.

Shopping deals and discounts.

As previously stated, many consumers are in a pinch. A great way to get people to signup for your text message service is to show them ways to save money. You can send moneysaving tips, such as using coupons at the grocery store, or highlight good deals you find online.

Celebrity gossip.

It is amazing how many consumers flock to the newsstand to pick the latest celebrity gossip magazine. People are interested in learning the latest about their favorite celebrity. So, why not capitalize on this? Watch the news or read other gossip websites to get ideas. You can send a text message about Britney Spears’s latest embarrassing moment and so forth.

TV shows.

Many Americans watch television. These watchers are devoted fans of their shows. Popular shows are soap operas and primetime television. Unfortunately, we can’t always watch them. For that reason, there is a market for updates. Whether you watch the shows yourself or read reviews online, send quick updates through your subscription service. You can also expand and cover behind the scene gossip, spoilers, and more.


Sports are another good topic for a text message subscription service. Not only will you get fans of the sport, but those who are looking to make money. For example, you can target those who play fantasy football for cash or other prices. Scout good picks and share them with subscribers, send updates on injured players, and so forth.

As you can see, there are many topics that you can cover to make money with a text message subscription service. As long as you have an affordable text message package on your phone, your startup costs for this moneymaking venture are very low.


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